System 0102

System Name: Azios
Star Type: G3 V Yellow Main Sequence
Gas Giant: Yes, Azios-3, 26 small moons, 8 large moons
Starport Quality: D
Bases: Scout
Size: 4 (6,400 km, g = 0.35)
Atmosphere: 3 (Very Thin, Respirator Required)
Temperature: 6 (Temperate)
Hydrographics: 9 (86%-95%)
Population: 6 (1,000,000)
Government: 11 (Non-charasmatic Dictator)
Cultural Differences: 66 (Conspiracy: Puppet government)
Law Level: 16 (Weapons, drugs, offworld data and travelers and TL 3 items are banned)
TL: 8 (Pre-stellar, fusion power)
Travel Code: Amber (Totalitarian dictatorship)
Trade Codes: NI (Non-Industrial)
Other Planets in System: Azios-2 (Rock Planet), Azios-4 and Azios-5 (Icy Planetoids)

Distant History

One of the older colonies in this sector, Azios was founded by Tarpeia III, former Archduchess of Moisi, who was exiled for treason against her father. She, along with her loyal followers set up a colony on this watery planet. After several generations, the colony has seen some degree of prosperity, though the population never grew large enough to support large scale manufacturing or tech development. Eventually, relations with the Imperial nobility warmed, and trade was resumed.

Recent History

After an escalation in protests and open rebellion, Germaine II was dethroned. Subsequently, Germaine’s sister, Nautia I seized the throne and tightened restrictions on weapons, drugs, and offworld Travellers.

System 0102

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